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John Randolph Hosts Grant Recipient Ceremony
Jan 30, 2017, 15:24

The Randolph event was well-attended.

Ken Newman (right) chairman of FOLAR and Jerry Williams (left).
Kevin Foster speaks before the group

HOPEWELL—The John Randolph Foundation hosted is bi-annual grant recipient ceremony on Jan. 19. Sixteen nonprofit organizations helping residents in the Tri-Cities area came together under one roof to celebrate how impactful their work has been to the community.
Initially, 27 hopeful organizations applied through the John Randolph Foundation fall 2016 grant cycle with a letter of intent, after which the John Randolph Foundation grant committee narrowed them down to 20 who submited another full grant application. Later, only 16 were approved.
The grant committee is comprised of members of the John Randolph Board of Trustees, staff and advisors. Reviewers used a scoring rubric and graded each proposal to later discuss the final recipients. The John Randolph Foundation aims to accept proposals to improve either health, quality of life or education.
This particular cycle is special since for the first time each proposal was fully funded by the John Randolph Foundation, a little under $400,000 was awarded during their ceremony.
Jerry Williams, president of the foundation’s Board of Trustees, addressed the crowd and thanked them for their contributions to the community. He voiced his admiration for the communities continued support and the important work nonprofits continue to accomplish.
“The john Randolph foundation is here to support the community, but we also depend on community support,” Williams said.
Kevin Foster, director of programs, also addressed the crowd with a “Wow,” since to the best of his knowledge, it was the largest attendance the ceremony has ever seen.
Quoting former President John F. Kennedy, Foster said, “Philanthropy, charity, giving voluntarily and freely... call it what you like, but it is truly a jewel of an American tradition.’ We give, not because we can, but because our communities need us.”
Foster also highlighted the John Randolph Foundation’s potential project in partnering with Virginia Health Foundation to provide free medication to the finically disadvantaged. Foster expressed the foundation’s hopes to partner with local pharmacies and hospitals to provide what Foster claims is over $16 million in care.
This cycle’s recipients included the ALS Association, Colonial Heights Food Pantry, Prince George Parks and Recreation, American Red Cross, Big Brothers Big Sisters and more.
First time recipients included the Children’s Museum of Richmond, Friends of the Lower Appomattox River (FOLAR), Jackson-Feild Homes, Southside Transformation Opportunities for Residents and Youth (STORY) and VirginiaNavigator.

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