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Monarchs Again
Feb 2, 2017, 15:50

Imani Edmonds looks for the basket as a Monarchs player towers above her.
Daveonna Anderson drives down the court.

The powerhouse that is the Hopewell Girls basketball team defeated the Meadowbrook Monarchs by 43 points at Hopewell High School.
Hopewell girls’ basketball team had their first match of the season against the Monarchs, beating Meadowbrook 69 to 34. Last Friday the Blue Devils faced off against Meadowbrook again. Over the season they have brought in 14 wins and only 4 losses.
Coming right out of the gate, Hopewell was blasting the score board jumping up 19 points over Meadowbrook’s 6. With their defense holding back Meadowbrook from making baskets, they continued their lead. Meadowbrook was unable to move past the single digits each quarter of the game, in the third quarter Meadowbrook was only able to bring 2 points to their score.
Solid on defense, the Hopewell Girls also proved their shooting ability nailing down their lead each quarter with points in the double digits.
There were several leaders on Hopewell that brought in double digit points against Meadowbrook.Tyah hunter leapt up the Hopewell score board by 16 points during the game. Kamisha Doby brought in 12. Tyjana Simmons brought in 10 points for the Blue Devils this includes making two 3 pointers for Hopewell.
The young Meadowbrook team had difficulties making baskets the entire game; however Jasmine Weaver led the Monarchs in points, bringing in 8 points. Behind her was Lauren Ford and Tayie Johnson, who both brought in 4 points apiece.

Next Tuesday, the Hopewell Girls basketball team goes to Colonial Heights High School facing off against the Colonials at 7:15 pm.

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