Last Updated: Feb 23rd, 2017 - 15:10:32

Board Elects Donald Hunter To Vice Chairman Post
Feb 23, 2017, 15:09

PRINCE GEORGE – After several meetings, the Board of Supervisors appointed a nice chair to serve in the post pervesvely held by long-time District 1 representative Jerry Skalsky.
The Board broke a stalemate and elected District 2 Supervisor Donald Hunter as Vice Chairman for 2017 at its Feb. 14 regular meeting.
“Its  a compliment to have the support of your fellow Board members,” Hunter noted in a phone interview following the meeting.
Though, he’s looking forward to the challenges to come with the number 2 position, Hunter admits, “It’s a little more work, but I always try to stay involved. As vice chair, I will go with the chair to talk to the School Board chair and vice chair and other meetings that I wouldn't necessary go to as a member.”
Last month, William Robertson, Jr. was appointed as the chairman. Robertson is serving as chairman for the 5th consecutive year. He first won his bid for election to the Board in November, 2003.
“It took three meetings for the Board of Supervisors to decide its choice,” County Officials explained of the vice chair.
  Hunter was unanimously elected after Skalsky decided no longer to pursue the position.  The vote had been previously deadlocked between the two by 2-2 votes at the January 10 and 24 meetings.
Supervisor T.J. Webb is still recovering from an industrial accident and missed the meeting.
Hunter is serving his first term on the Board of Supervisors after previously holding the Office of Sheriff. He also served as a police officer here.  
Currently, Hunter the County’s Deputy Coordinator of Emergency Management.

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