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Heartbreaker Hopewell Loses to Magna Vista
Mar 6, 2017, 09:45

Daijah Jefferson pushes her way to the basket.
Alena Puaalluli-Peha looks for an open player.

After a winning streak, the Hopewell Blue Devils were beaten at their own game by Magna Vista, who fired-off on all cylinders with scoring and defense at the Siegel Center on March 1st.
The game was the first round of the 3A State Quarter Final, but even in defeat 50 to 33, the Blue Devils Girls Basketball team has set the tone for the program going into the future said Blue Devils Girls Basketball Coach Jackie Edmonds. This year was the first time in Hopewell Girls Basketball history that they have reached the State Quarterfinals.
With a roster shakeup after Imani Edmonds, a key ball handler for Hopewell, was diagnosed with a concussion following their successful victory over Culpeper, the Blue Devils reshaped their positions at a critical point that prevented them from pressing the ball like they were used to.
“It changed our chemistry tremendously,” noted Elvin Edmonds, Hopewell’s Assistant. Combine that with facing Magna Vista, a team whose state finals experience isn’t their first rodeo. The Blue Devils were in for a difficult match.
Magna Vista took the lead in the first quarter with 16 points over Hopewell’s 9. For the rest of the match, defenses clashed while Hopewell battled its way to chip at Magna Vista’s lead. In the 2nd quarter Tyah Hunter nailed down a lay-up and when the ball went into possession by the opposing team Tyjana Simmons broke their drive and nailed-down another lay-up.
But with every chip the opposing team slammed down more points. A three-pointer by Magna Vista’s Kayla Cabiness pushed their score to 21 with Hopewell trailing at 13. Hopewell held out, with 9 points to Magna Vista’s 8 points in the third quarter. The Blue Devils had to punch upwards and capsize the Warriors lead and break through a 7 point deficit by the end of the third quarter.
But the fourth quarter proved to not rule in Hopewell’s favor with Magna Vista bringing in 18 points over Hopewell’s 8. Hopewell lost. Tyah Hunter led the Blue Devils in baskets with 12 points followed by Daijah Jefferson with 10 points. Magna Vista’s Moriah Hairston scored 18 points and Taisha Deshazo was right behind her with 13.
“We did make history, winning regionals,” said Blue Devils Tyah Hunter. “But I just wanted that ring.”

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