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Hopewell Baseball’s Two Headed Monster
Mar 6, 2017, 09:50

Daniel Parker/STAFF PHOTOS: Hopewell baseball team poses for a photo.

This year the Hopewell Blue Devils baseball team isn’t aiming just for the teams in their conference, they’re going after the big boys.
Adam Capp, Hopewell Blue Devils Baseball Coach, has a goal for this year to go beyond the conference, and to stand toe-to-toe with schools outside of the division. This year the Hopewell baseball team is top-heavy with talent in the middle of the field and pitchers to match up. Adam Capp says this year they could compete with 5A schools like Matoaca and Thomas Dale.
“Keep it close and beat the teams we should beat,” said Adam Capps. “But now we have the talent that we can hang with and even beat some of those teams.”
Another opponent Hopewell wants to hang with is their classic rival Prince George. For years Prince George has beaten the Hopewell Blue Devils, leading Coach Capps to say that it’s not much of a rivalry if you haven’t taken anything from the other team in a long time. Capp would love to go on the same lines as them this year. Hopewell will be top-heavy with seniors on the diamond this year.
“We’re at that crossroads now where we’re really top heavy,” said Coach Capp. “And they need to step up, which I think they will.”
Last year they were thin down the middle, but this year it’s the exact opposite noted the Coach. The key to the Hopewell Blue Devils team will be their defense. They won’t be a team that makes homeruns but they have the ability to manufacture runs said the Coach.
What Capps calls Hopewell’s “two-headed monster” will be the pitching department with Cameren Hill and Chris Moseley. Hill was the ace from last year, says Capp. Moseley was homeschooled for the last few years but he’ll be on the pitcher’s mound. Currently, he’s being looked at by several colleges for pitching including Virginia State University.
In this year’s stronger middle section will be center-fielder Ricky Jones, only a sophomore, with college offers under his belt. Dawsyn Hock, junior, has stepped as a leader taking the role as catcher. Kyle Cheney, junior, rose up from JV towards the end of the year and will be a steady defensive and offensive player noted Capp. Leein Leech, senior, will be at first base and will step into his role as a leader.
As far as philosophy for his team, Capp says that with discipline they can beat other teams even if those teams have more talent.
“We have to be willing to do the things that the other times don’t as far as hustle, being disciplined, being smart and being baseball smart,” said the Blue Devils Coach. “I think if we do those three things in addition to our talent that we have then we’ll be okay.”

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