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Royals Baseball King of the Hill
Mar 9, 2017, 10:34

Hunter Carden practices his pitch for the Royals.
Jonathon Walton practices at first base.

Following a successful season last year, everybody wants to beat the Prince George Baseball team says Baseball Coach Mickey Roberts.
The Prince George Royals became king of the hill in the district last year winning 20 games and winning the conference. This year, the Royals hope to continue their winning record, battle it out in their fiercely competitive district and go even further than last year.
“Prince George wants to beat everybody and everybody wants to beat Prince George said Mickey Roberts Royals Coach. “That speaks well of us.”
To an extent the Royals will be playing with a different cast of players especially on the pitcher’s mound. But, as the season progresses Roberts says his pitchers will become more seasoned the ones that he is expecting to take the mound will be Hunter Carden, Robert Eley, Shane Cooper, Jared Collier and Jonathon Walton. If Walton returns to the mound after recovering from an injury, the Royals will have a top-of-the-line pitcher says Roberts. Last year ,Walton was the third pitcher and all-state first baseman for Prince George.
“As the year progresses the guys are going to be a little more seasoned and get better and better as we go,” said Coach Roberts.
The Royals Coach says this year the team is balanced defensively but the hitting department is where the Royals will have more power than ever before. “Not only can they hit but they can also run,” added Roberts. The expected powerhouse hitting department includes: Tevin Tucker, Royals shortstop, with a commitment to West Virginia University, Tucker Majetic, Royals outfielder and Jonathon Walton 1st baseman, along with first team all-state.
“We got some guys that can swing the bat and we’ll have more power than I think we’ve ever had…” said coach Roberts “I look forward to that and I hope our guys can live up to what I’m saying.”
Coach Roberts added that with the balance of a good defense and an even stronger hitting department than last year, the Royals could be in for a successful season.
“I feel like we’re going to do good. We’re kind of young, but the guys coming up are going to provide a lot…” said Tevin Tucker, Royals shortstop. “Just watch out for the Royals this year.”

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