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Soccer: Colonial Heights versus Prince George
Apr 12, 2017, 16:40

Kylie Cargill puts a boot on the ball beside Kayln Whitehart.

COLONIAL HEIGHTS—For 70 minutes Prince George weathered constant attacks by the Colonials, relying on a solid defense, some key plays by their goal keeper, and some determined counter attacks.
Time after time, the Royals stopped the attacks from Mills down the right sideline and crossing into the box. But a series of missed strikes, and a perfect header that skittered wide right, and the pressure from their right defender Orisha Gist kept the Colonials from scoring.
The vast majority of the was played in the middle of the field, with the Colonials’ forays and the Royals’ counters. It seemed like something would break open, and then with 7:25 on the clock, they got the corner kick they were waiting for. Sydney Bartlett, a sophomore, hit the kick into the box. Abbey Harrell ran in and put the ball into the right side of the net.
The Colonials put on extra pressure in the final seven minutes, and had several chances to score. However, they could not seem to find the divine connection that would have tied the score.
“We have been practicing set pieces and especially corner kicks. We have been working it in practice, and I knew we would hit one sometime. Luckily we have a team that understands crashing to the goal,” first year Prince George Coach Raven Holc said.

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