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Glascock County Sheriff抯 Office opens new building
By Linda Green

The Glascock County Sheriff抯 Office recently expanded into a new building on Main Street in Gibson and held a ribbon cutting and open house on Jan. 27. The new building is located at 437-C East Main Street, and it includes 3,600 square feet.
New is the word for the Glascock County Sheriff抯 Office in 2017.
The department has a new sheriff, a new direction toward community service and now a new building.
The new Glascock County Sheriff抯 Office is located at 437-C East Main St. in Gibson, in the former Tri-County Health Services Building.
Law enforcement from surrounding areas, state agencies, the area District 123 Representative Mack Jackson and members of the Glascock County community gathered at the new building Jan. 27 for an open house and ribbon cutting.
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