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Mobile Veterinary Clinic helps make their dreams come true
Aug 14, 2017, 15:32

oey Wade with her sign language-capable pit bull, Sophia.
Cain and Stephanie bring their Siberian Husky, Nikita, to the mobile clinic for micro-chipping.

With the slogan of “Make their dreams come true” preambling the title of The Martha & Ruby Mobile Clinic painted on a well-outfitted vehicle, the mobile animal clinic returned to the parking lot of the Hopewell Community Center last Monday morning to an already gathered group of people and their beloved pets.
The clinic brings some essential services to people who may not be able to drive long distances to a typical animal hospital or who otherwise cannot utilize them.
The Martha and Ruby mobile pet clinic offers low-cost spaying and neutering, rabies shots, vaccinations, etc.
On her third visit to the clinic, Joey Wade waited in the busy parking lot with her pit bull, Sophia. “We love it,” said Wade. “All of our other dogs we had done, they did well. They recovered amazingly with no complications.” Wade stated that Sophia was there to get spayed.
As Wade was being interviewed, Sophia made some kind of movement, and Wade seemed to signal back to her. Wade explained, “We drag race, so Sophia knows sign language. We can use our hand commands to tell her to sit and lie down, high-five. She knows because she can’t hear all the time at the track.
Asked about why she used the mobile clinic instead of a traditional animal hospital, Wade answered, “I like both. These people are very nice and treat [her pets] very well, and we prefer to use them right now.”
Cain and Stephanie were also waiting in line at the popular mobile clinic with their dog Nikita, a seven-month old, beautiful Siberian Husky. “This is our second time to the clinic. We brought our pit bull mix here last time. He got a neuter. Nikita is getting spayed and micro-chipped as well,” said Stephanie.
When asked why she preferred the mobile clinic versus going to a traditional animal hospital, Stephanie said, “Well, they’re super helpful as far as the price goes. So, that’s awesome, and they’re just really helpful with any emergency questions. I did have to ask a few last time when I called the emergency line. They were quick to answer, which was really nice, and super helpful with anything I had questions about.”
Stephanie laughed and said, “I just hope they keep it going is all I can say, in case I get any other animals!”
The next canine along the line was named “Bo,” an approximately four year old hound mix brought there by Carol, their first visit to the clinic. “He’s going to be neutered, and get a heart worm test,” stated Carol. “I’m a volunteer with a rescue. The shelter had picked him up, and we go in and walk them, and feed them; play with them, and get them ready for adoption.”
Carol is with the Charles City rescue shelter. According to Carol, there are no animal hospitals in Charles City. “Providence Forge is the closest one,” explained Carol. But, she said that the Martha & Ruby mobile clinic is more convenient, being just down the road and across the river.
“It’s not far at all,” said Carol.
Others in line stated their reasons for utilizing the mobile clinic instead of any of the many, nearby animal shelters in Hopewell, Prince George, Colonial Heights and Chester. Reasons ranged from better price, more convenience, and extremely friendly, helpful and knowledgeable staff.
While the mobile clinic makes regular stops in Hopewell, it’s positive influence can have a extend into surrounding areas like Charles City County, just across the Benjamin Harrison Bridge.
“People’s pets are important to them,” said Jacob, a member of the United States Army stationed at Fort Lee who lives in Hopewell. “They’re family, and this clinic just makes it easier for me to take care of my little guy,” said Jacob, petting his peach-colored chihuahua who was in for vaccinations.
For more information regarding the clinic, services available and schedule, call (757) 622-7382 (ext. 3).

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